Monday, October 13, 2008

maker faire // nest egg

nest egg

maker faire is this weekend, so if you'll be in the austin area (or can grab your hobo stick and hop a train to get here?) come check it out, and be sure to stop by and say hi. i'll be there with my pysanky, which means i've been working on eggs all this week.

above is the final egg in a series of eggs i made to show the steps in the process (thus the simple design; i needed to repeat it five times). given current events, i felt motivated to make a graph of the dow jones industrial average across my entire lifetime so far. in egg form. (it's pretty accurate, too.) seeing the graph that way makes it pretty clear...that whole exponential growth thing had to break sometime, huh? the egg is pictured atop the contents of eva's piggy bank (which includes five different currencies... hey, does that mean we're safe?). nest egg, indeed.

my week

(bonus points if you spot all the currencies... :)


Lydia Fiedler said...

Hey Kristy -

I met you at Maker Faire and I'm glad I wrote your blog down - putting it in my Google Reader now!! :)

thanks for showing me how to make those gorgeous eggs.


Kristy said...

Lydia, glad to see you here. You are most welcome, I was happy to have the chance to share this craft with so many crafty people. :)

Kim Taylor Kruse said...

Hey Kristy! Just found you via the Smith blogs page. How've you been? I love your bio statement -- sounds just like me! I'll definitely be back to read more on your blog.

Kim '97