Saturday, December 27, 2008

egg lathe

egg lathe, originally uploaded by kelanew.

merry christmas to me! my thoughtful and resourceful husband made this egg lathe as a gift for me. now (when i find the time again) i can make super-straight divisions on my pysanky. i can hardly wait to give it a try on a real egg (this was just a test, as we're away from my egg supplies right now). check out those closely-spaced parallel lines! and the coolest part is that unlike many egg lathes, it works for vertical divisions as well as horizontal ones. neat.

true to form, he made it from random objects found around the house, but yet you can hardly tell it's repurposed unless you really inspect it. this uses a synthetic wine cork, plastic rings from target pharmacy bottles, and a little acrylic make-up pot as well as wood and hardware. (it needs a few finishing touches yet, because he was waiting to get some input from me.)

thanks, larry! now i'm feeling a bit sad that you are nearly the only exception in my "all handmade christmas" plan. (though you seem to be enjoying your kindle just fine. that, and the added gift of a slightly less-crazed wife who was not trying madly to finish yet one more gift in time for christmas. :)

more on handmade christmas as i find the time to post -- i've been making a ton of gifts the past few months but couldn't post many of them lest i spoil the surprise. so now i'll catch up.


laura said...

that is just the coolest! he definetly gets bonus points on that one.

laura said...

that is just the coolest! he definetly gets bonus points on that one.

Sarah said...

Looks fantastic - can the standard plastic model not do the vertical lines?

Snippety Gibbet said...

Clever! I will have to save this link to try and make my own.

Kim Taylor Kruse said...

That's so funny. The same thing happened to me and my boyfriend this year. He's the one who made me a gift while and I opted to buy him a gift. I did buy it on Etsy though, so at least is was still a handmade gift.

And that egg contraption is amazing! Lucky you!