Friday, March 21, 2008

fabric eggs

fabric eggs, originally uploaded by kelanew.

inspired by sew mama sew's secret pocket eggs, i decided i'd whip up a dozen for the easter egg hunt we had today with friends at the park. i didn't have anything on hand to put into the pockets, so these eggs have to be treat enough on their own, i guess. eva had fun helping me choose fabrics and stuff them, and i enjoyed being able to use up those tiny, tiny scraps i knew i was saving for some reason.

my friends are so creative -- the other eggs contributed to the hunt contained lots of great treats (and no corn syrup in sight :) -- egg-shaped chalk, graham cracker bunnies, pipe cleaner flowers and bunnies, stickers, stamps, craft dough, real flower blooms, and even strawberries! (honestly, i'm not sure what all, since eva didn't gather all that many eggs herself, content to take it a bit slow.)

after the egg hunt and picnic, the kids enjoyed splashing in the fountain and running around while some of the (non-pregnant) parents partook of a glass of wine. and as the sun set on our little celebration of spring, a beautiful huge yellow moon rose over the downtown skyline.

spring can just last forever as far as i'm concerned.


bryant said...

happy spring! The eggs are awesome! I don't know how long you've been doing this but, you definitely have an eye for it. Good pics too. Your work inspires me to document more of what I do. Although I am sure you wouldn't consider it work.

meg said...